Saturday, August 04, 2012

Windows 8 RTM Leaked To Torrents

Last week Microsoft revealed they had finalized the code for Windows 8 and that they would be releasing the release least to manufacturing (RTM)copy of Windows 8 to all of their OEM partners. Shortly following that announcement it had already been discovered that a copy of that build had been leaked to the Internet and was available on several major torrent sites.

The RTM build has been identified as Windows 8 Enterprise N. The "N" tags it as being aimed at European users which means due to regulations in the EU market it omits some of the features the traditional version would carry. Microsoft has not verified whether the leaked build was legitimate or not, however the consensus from many users and reports was that it was the real deal.

Leaks of upcoming Windows releases are common place. Almost every major milestone of both Windows Vista and Windows 7 hit the web well before their launch. Traditionally Microsoft tries to keep users from installing leaked builds, claiming that they can be infected with malware. So far they have been mum about the Windows 8 leak.

The torrent is roughly a 3GB download which includes not only the Windows 8 Enterprise RTM installation files but a number of screenshots two internal activation videos intended for the Microsoft partners who will be deploying Windows 8 Enterprise. I don't condone pirating software but anyone downloading it should not that you will not want to run this as your main operating system. Not only could it be infected with malware, rootkits or other viruses that have yet to be detected you won't have a valid Windows 8 Enterprise activation key to use with it. Even if there is a "workaround" Microsoft has been working hard at improving its anti-piracy mechanisms, and there’s a good chance they’ll be able to detect and kneecap leaked installations.

Microsoft has already said we can expect a October 26, 2012 release date for general availability.

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