Thursday, September 20, 2012

iFixit Opens Up The New iPhone 5

You only need to mention the name iFixit and most geeks will automatically know what comes next, teardown. Yeah that's right once again the geeks over at iFixit were standing inline down in Australia to be the first to get their geeky little hands on the latest greatest from Apple and of course as always they immediately began disassembling the device to show off all its 'magical' goodness.

iPhone 5 via iFixit
Unlike years past when we were all held up in suspense in regards to the possible innards of the previous generation Apple devices this year's teardown holds few if any surprises. Most of the details had already been leaked so you really won't see much in the way of magic here.

iFixit does note a few things that might catch your attention.

For starters they notice that the screen could be easier to change than with previous models since you open it up from the front. This means a home user might actually have a little more success with a DIY project than with years past. It was also worthy of noting that iFixit noticed that it seems inevitable that Apple was going to switch its charging source eventually as it appears there is no way they could have crammed a 30-pin dock connector into the new iPhone 5 assembly.

For more details, photos and the likes checkout the full iFixit iPhone 5 Teardown

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