Tuesday, September 11, 2012

T-Mobile Invites AT&T Users With Unlocked iPhones

With the launch of the new iPhone 5 seemingly immanent, T-Mobile is extending an offer to current AT&T iPhone owners. Leave AT&T behind and come to us!

T-Mobile may be the only one of "Big 4" phone companies that doesn't sell the iPhone, but that hasn't kept users from leaving AT&T behind and taking their devices with them. In the past T-Mobile has been a bit reluctant to openly invite iPhone users as it faced concerns over bandwidth usage. Now it appears as though the mobile provider has changed their tune.

Starting Wednesday, when Apple is expected to reveal a new iPhone model, T-Mobile will start an advertising campaign targeting unlocked iPhone owners who are out of contract and can switch to T-Mobile.

"We expect that consumers will start trading in older devices," said Harry Thomas, T-Mobile's director of marketing. "For every person waiting in line for the next model, a lot of them have to find a secondary market for that older device."

AT&T iPhones have to be unlocked using codes that AT&T will supply after the customer's contract is up. AT&T has added a new page to make the process easy. Simply visit the AT&T Device Unlock page, fill in your information as well as the IMEI number from your iPhone and if you meet the requirements AT&T will send you the unlock code within 5 to 7 days.

Sorry Sprint and Verizon iPhone owners, your phones won't work on T-Mobiles network. There are some hacks that can be done to potentially get the iPhone 4S to work but that is a rather involved ordeal and not something most users will want to face.

T-Mobiles campaign will be titled "Unlocked & Unlimited." The pitch will center on its unlimited data plan, which it reintroduced last week. The carrier also plans to start carrying unlocked iPhones in its stores for demonstration purposes and even plans to launch a few of its own iPhone apps to improve the "T-Mobile iPhone" experience.

T-Mobile's Value plans range between $59.99 and $104.99 a month. The low-end plan includes unlimited voice and text message and 2 gigabytes of data before throttling. For $10 more, customers can get fully unlimited data. The high-end plan comes with 10 gigabytes of data. In Atlanta and New York, T-Mobile plans on giving away $100 gift cards to customers who sign their iPhones up for two-year contracts.

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