Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Test The Latest Nokia Devices For Up To Two Weeks

Have you ever wished you could test out that new cellphone at home for a few days before you pull the trigger and make your purchase? Well with a little known program from Nokia you can.

Dubbed, Trial a Nokia, the loaner program will let anyone willing to accept the terms and conditions a chance to try out one of Nokia's latest device for two weeks. These terms and conditions are failry straight forward, for starters you must be 16 or older. You must return the device in the same condition as when it is received and you must be willing to return the device (postage paid by Nokia) at the end of the two weeks.

Current devices include the Nokia Lumina 700, Lumina 800, Lumina 900, Nokia Pureview 808, Nokia Purity headset and the Nokia Play 360 speaker. The Nokia 920 and perhaps even the Nokia 820 may soon be available.

Reading over the site it looks as though the goal of the program is to raise a little buzz about Nokia products. They want you to be unique in your request for a device and put your own stamp on how you'll be using it. According to the T&C they want to know what ways you'll be talking about it when you have it and perhaps even following your online conversations as part of the program.

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