Thursday, July 16, 2015

Get More Bang For Your Back to School Buck With Gazelle's Certified Pre-owned Devices

It might feel as though it is a bit early to start thinking about your back to school technology needs. However, more and more companies are kicking off sales early vying for those hard earned summer dollars and back to school sales are already gearing up.

For most students technology is going to be one of the major costs associated with heading back into the classroom. But when it comes to best-in-class technology, it doesn't have to be. As most geeks know it doesn't always take the latest tech to get by when in class and most students can get by with devices that aren't the latest-greatest.

Instead of spending all that money on the latest devices on the market or focusing instead on buying one of this year's budget friendly offerings, students can save a few bucks by looking towards used devices.

Gazelle Certified has the perfect selection of devices that will make the grade, including the latest Android smartphones, iPhones, and iPads. Plus, all Gazelle Certified devices go through an extensive 30+-point quality inspection, have no contracts or strings attached, and include a 30-day time-frame for returns.

Even if you do feel that need to buy the latest greatest devices doesn't mean you have to sacrifice that hard earned cash. Gazelle offers great savings on some of the hottest devices on the market today. Like a certified pre-owned iPhone 6.

If however cash is short on hand Gazelle can help you out there as well. You can sell your old devices and earn cash with Gazelle Trade-in. It only takes a few minutes and you can clean out your closet, or lighten those moving boxes all while adding some extra beer or book money to your pocket!

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