Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Google Search Feature May End Waiting In Line

Be it standing in line to buy the hottest new games on the market or waiting for that trendy restaurant, waiting in long lines is the scourge of all things brick and mortar related. Fortunately Google has a mew tool that may easy that burden!

The new feature, announced via a Google+ post, utilizes some sort of Google magic to analyze the busy times and trends of individual businesses in order to show you when your gym, coffee shop, or favorite lunch spot is at its busiest.
"Do you ever find yourself trying to avoid long lines or wondering when is the best time to go grocery shopping, pick up coffee, or hit the gym (hint: avoid Monday after work)? You're in luck!"
For an example, Google offered the search results for "Blue Bottle Williamsburg" with the accompanying image below. Following a quick Google search simply tap on the title for the business you searched and you'll find details like its address, phone number and open hours. Google will also now show you “popular times” for the business in question accompanied by a bar chart that you can scroll through day by day that highlights the busiest portion of the day for each business.

Google states that the feature is currently enabled for “millions” of places and businesses around the world, unfortunately though they have also stated the feature is generally only going to be accessible for those more popular places where users are more “commonly curious about how busy it typically gets”. From our own testing however, we were pleasantly surprised at how many local locations are actually listed and how accurate, from our own perception, the data seemed to be.

This new 'busy times tool' should be easily accessible from within your Google Search results on all mobile phones with an internet connection and from any modern mobile web browsers or Android’s Google Search App. Sadly there is no mention of availability for desktop browsers nor does it currently work.

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