Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Windows 10 Is Here You Can Upgrade Today

The wait is finally over and Microsoft has made good on their promise and released the much anticipated upgrade to Windows, Windows 10. As many know the new upgrade is free for all current Windows users, however it will be rolling out in several phases, meaning upgrades will roll out across the country to users in waves and you may not your update right away. For you geeks that aren't willing to wait you can download the upgrade free now via the links below.

For starts let me give kuddos to Microsoft for what I'd say has been a great job on a major new roll-out. We went the tradition route, upgrading via Microsoft annoying notification bar and 'reserving' our free copy. The upgrade was fairly easy and almost completely painless. An even bigger plus was that it took very little time, less than 30mins to be exact, to download and install all of the upgrade.

So now back to the main purpose of today's post, which is to explain how you can upgrade to Windows 10 immediately!

First, you’ll need to download the Windows 10 installation file as an ISO image. To do this you'll need a few things handy. You'll need to make sure you have a blank DVD and a DVD burner, or a USB flash drive with at least 4GB of free space on hand. Now, simply visit Microsoft’s Windows 10 download page and select the Windows 10 edition you’d like to download. Note that each installation file includes everything you need to install either the Home or Pro version of Windows 10.

Just note that if you are 'upgrading' from a previous version of Windows you'll need to install the version that corresponds to your upgrade path. To find out which version you need checkout the Windows 10 specifications page. Here you can also see the full system requirements and additional Windows 10 details.

Once your download is complete, Windows will walk you through the painless process of burning a Windows 10 installation DVD or adding the installer to a USB flash drive, whichever method you decided on using. After that, you install the Windows 10 upgrade from the new media you created just like you'd install any other OS. Just make sure you backup all of your data first, things have been pretty painless so far but that doesn't mean anything and while you shouldn’t lose anything during the upgrade process you can never be too safe.

Note: that you can also use the tool to perform a clean install rather than an upgrade for those that would prefer that method — but you may need to enter a valid Windows license key under some circumstances if you do that. You can find more details in the FAQ.

Once you are done sit back and enjoy. We've been testing Windows 10 throughout the beta process and so far have loved the new moves that Microsoft has made. Especially the return of the 'start button' and removal of the tiled theme that Windows 8 had. Even though we didn't have any issues with Windows 8, we just find Windows 10 much more familiar.

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