Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Firefox 3 Download Record Hits 7.9million And Counting

With about 30mins left to contribute to the attempt at setting a new world record for the most single day downloads the total sites at 7,973,620. An impressive total considering that Mozilla's servers crashed for several hours yesterday under the strain of incoming download requests.

For details on the total tally or to download Firefox 3 visit Spread Firefox | Download Day 2008

Mozilla will by default make the record books for the most software downloaded in 24 hours, seeing as there’s no Guinness World Record to beat however it is impressive to see the numbers they reached in a 24 hr period.

The unofficially tally breaks in at almost 8.4 million downloads. We'll have to wait for the official count to see where the record will stand. However it seems a little shocking that they reached that number in just under 30mins. When I originally posted this they had right around 7,970,000 (I forgot the original screenshot--my bad).

According to C/Net News the download rate peaked at 14,000 per minute Tuesday and was still going strong at more than 6,000 per minute Wednesday morning. So in that last 30mins they must have had a pretty good rush, or possibly the numbers hadn't been tallied.

I might seem a little skeptical, however no matter how you look at it Mozilla and their PR stunt drew a ton of attention. And no doubt there were millions of people out there waiting for their chance to be part of the occasion. The fact that download day gained as much attention as it did indicates that Firefox is more than just a piece of software. It's a movement people want to belong to.

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