Monday, June 16, 2008

Gpcode.ak Ransomware Fix

Last week we reported on Gpcode.ak, new nasty piece of "ransomware" that has been spreading around the web. This week Kaspersky labs believed they have found a solution to the virus.

The Gpcode.ak virus encrypts files on a victim's hard drive and demands a ransom to decrypt them/ So far the encryption that is sued has proven too strong to crack. But Kaspersky Lab, which first identified Gpcode.ak earlier this month, says there is a way for most victims to at least recover their files.

Kaspersky says Gpcode.ak works by making a copy of the original file it wishes to kidnap using 1,028-bit encryption, then deleting the original. However, "it doesn't wipe the file from the system," says Roel Schouwenberg, senior antivirus research analyst at the security company.

Kaspersky has been recommending the freely available PhotoRec utility, a nifty piece of software that was initially created as a tool for graphic files’ recovery. The program was crated by Cristophe Grenier and is distributed with GPL license, so anyone can use it.

For more details and instructions checkout the Kaspersky Forums

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