Monday, June 30, 2008

NVIDIA GTX 260 GPUs Hit The Market

Nvidia recently launched their new GTX 200 family of GPUs that included the GTX 280 and the GTX 260. The GTX 280 has been available for purchase since the June 16 launch however the GTX 260 was delayed for a a couple weeks.

Today the GTX 260 cards have been made available to purchase through and several other online retailers. Newegg features a slew of both stock cards carrying the $399.99 MSRP and overclocked cards with higher performance and higher price tags available.

For those shopping for stock cards at $399.99 Newegg has BFG, PNY and a XFX cards available. The three cards are identical save the XFX card ships with a full copy of Assassin’s Creed and have a double lifetime warranty.

The most expensive GTX 260 listed on the site is the EVGA GTX 260 FTW edition retailing for $459.99. The card is overclocked to a devilish 666 MHz on the core and 2,214 MHz on the memory clock. A less overclocked SSC edition from EVGA is available for $424.99 with a 626 MHz core and 2,106 MHz memory clock. An EVGA Superclocked edition GTX 260 is also offered at $409.99, a mere $10 more than the stock clocked cards.

The EVGA Superclocked version has a core clock of 602 MHz (stock is 576 MHz) and the memory clock is 2,052 MHz (stock is 2,000 MHz). Both BFG and XFX have overclocked versions of the GTX 260 coming as well.

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