Monday, June 02, 2008

Metallica Joins Guitar Hero

GameSpot reports, Guitar Hero: Metallica due by Q1 '09.

Earlier this year, Activision the producers of Guitar Hero, unveiled Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, the first of several games to be published based entirely on a band. No sooner had the publisher announced the deal than speculation began to spread about what the second band-based Guitar Hero game would be. Along with Van Halen, the most mentioned group was legendary metal artists Metallica.

Now, talk of Guitar Hero: Metallica is no longer a case of wishful thinking or idle speculation--it's fact. When sifting through an SEC filing of Activision's over the weekend, Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Edward Woo--associate of the highly visible Michael Pachter--uncovered a gem in the section where the Santa Monica, California-based publisher discussed its upcoming game slate.

"In fiscal 2009, we plan to publish Guitar Hero: On Tour for the NDS; Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, Guitar Hero: Metallica, and Guitar Hero IV across multiple platforms," the company said in its report.

Guitar Hero: Metallica will be the first time a game based on the multiplatinum-selling band--which has become only slightly less famous for its antipiracy efforts as its musical achievements--has made it to retail. However, it is the second such game to be announced. In 2003, Vivendi Games--which will soon merge with Activision--struck a deal to create a vehicular combat game inspired by Metallica's music. Unconfirmed reports stated that the project had been quietly canceled in 2005.


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