Thursday, October 07, 2010

Intel Releases New Acronis Based SSD Cloning Utility

Cloning your drives can be a useful tool for migrating to another newer drive or just for having a duplicate copy of your entire installation for back-up. This week Intel, along side Acronis, released a new tool aimed at existing Intel SSD users that will do just that.

The Intel Data Migration Software, powered by Acronis, is an easy-to-use cloning utility that allows users to create a full working copy of their operating system, applications, documents and personal settings to be moved to their new Intel SSD in a matter of minutes.

The software creates a complete working copy of your old hard drive right down to the very last byte. This copy is then moved over to your new drive, assuming that is the amount of data on your old drive doesn't exceed the size of your new SSD.

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