Saturday, October 16, 2010

Staples Now Offers Rebates Via PayPal

I've played the mail-in-rebate game for as long as I can remember, all the way back to the mail them in and hope and prey that your check comes in the mail days. Now days the rebate game has changed dramatically. For some sites gone are the days of filling out forms you can submit all your rebate information online - no clipping, no mailing, no hassles.

Staples has always led the way in the new paperless MIR game. They were one of the first large retailers to take all the hassles out of the rebate game and make the rebate process easier. For years now they've used the Easy Rebate system which allow you to submit almost all of their rebate offers online which removes the delay in mailing along with the postage cost and there is no worry that Staples didn’t receive the rebate. You can track the rebate online and so far I haven’t had any issues with rebate payment.

Now they've gone a step further and are allowing you to receive your payments electronically through PayPal. With the new PayPal payment system users can skip the snail mail process altogether which should actually make receiving rebate payments quicker and easier as there is no wait time for the check to arrive. This new option should also help ease concerns from many rebate shoppers who note that the rebate postcards often get lost in the mail.

Staples has said that not all their rebates will allow for PayPal payment so you'll need to check for the option when submitting. Staples has a short FAQ about the PayPal rebate payment option. It unclear, what if any, PayPal fees might apply, so users might check into that before opting for the option. But getting your rebate a little quicker might be worth a few pennies.

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