Monday, January 10, 2011

Google Offers Sneak Peek of Android 3.0, Honeycomb

Late last month Google announced the company was working on a new version of Android geared towards larger format device like netbooks and tablets. Late last week the company offered a sneak peek of Android 3.0, via the video below.

Google reports the company has spent a lot of time refining the user experience in Honeycomb, developing a brand new, truly virtual and holographic user interface.

"Many of Android’s existing features will really shine on Honeycomb," writes Andy Rubin, VP of Engineering. Android 3.0 will feature refined multi-tasking, elegant notifications, access to over 100,000 apps on Android Market, home screen customization with a new 3D experience and redesigned widgets that are richer and more interactive. Google also boost that have made some powerful upgrades to the web browser, including tabbed browsing, form auto-fill, syncing with your Google Chrome bookmarks, and incognito mode for private browsing.

Honeycomb also features the latest Google Mobile innovations including Google Maps 5 with 3D interactions and offline reliability, access to over 3 million Google eBooks, and Google Talk, which now allows you to video and voice chat with any other Google Talk enabled device (PC, tablet, etc).

For now there is no word as to when the public can expect to see tablets featuring the new OS however there were several new devices featured at this years CES that showcased Android and are expected to be released with the latest version.

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