Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Verizon iPhone 4 Some Questions Answered

So you've heard the great news that Verizon will finally be getting the iPhone but you aren't sure what that means. Well I've got a few answers to some of the common questions I've seen asked.

Q) I'm an existing Verizon customer can I upgrade?
A) You can check your eligibility on Verizon's Website here. If you've purchased a new Verizon handset recently you can return it within 30 days of purchase to take advantage of the iPhone 4 instead.

Q) Will my AT&T iPhone now work on Verizon?
A) No they are two entirely different networks. Verizon uses a CDMA based network whereas AT&T uses a GSM network this is the reason iPhones have never been able to be unlocked to work on Verizon. Your AT&T phone may still be unlocked to work with other GSM networks but you will need a new CDMA phone to work with Verizon.

Q) How much will the Verizon iPhone cost?
A) Verizon will offer two versions of the device: a 16-GB model for $200 and a 32-GB model for $300, both with a new two-year contract.

Q) How much will data and calling plans be?
A) At this time we don't know Verizon has yet to confirm anything. It's not clear if Verizon iPhone customers will see Verizon's standard smartphone data plans or if the carrier will tailor a plan specifically for the iPhone.

Q) Can I port my number from AT&T to Verizon?
A) If you are a current AT&T customer and you have fulfilled your contract then yes you can port your current number over. If however you are still under contract you will have to pay the AT&T  ETF's before they release your number. You are able to check your number's portability eligibility online, at any Verizon Wireless store, authorized agent location or by calling us at 1.800 2 JOIN IN.

Q) Are the AT&T iPhones different than the new Verizon iPhones?
A) The short answer is no not really. Because of the new CDMA-specific antenna there are a few minor changes to the outside of the phone that will require new cases and internally there are difference in the radio chipsets but internally not much has changed. Both phones will have the same features including FaceTime video calling, the high-resolution Retina display, a 5-megapixel camera, HD video recording, long battery life, and all the other great features of iPhone 4. There is one difference that is a big plus for the the Verizon iPhone. The new phone adds the hotspot feature which allows up to five Wi-Fi enabled device to be tethered to your iPhone. This feature costs extra on Verizon's Android smartphones. There is no mention if it will it cost extra for the iPhone 4, too?

Q) Which version of IOS does the Verizon iPhone run?
A) The Verizon iPhone's software is slightly more advanced than the current offering from AT&T it's running iOS 4.2.5, while the most current release for all other iPhones is iOS 4.2.1.

Q) Is Verizon the only one who can sell a CDMA iPhone?
A) No, Apple COO Tim Cook told reporters today that while Apple and Verizon have a "multiyear" contract, unlike the previous deal with AT&T it is not exclusive. That means other CDMA carriers like Sprint could potentially be next to sell the iPhone.

Hopefully this helps answer a few of the questions many of you have. There are several more questions and answers on the Verizon site which can be found via Verizon iPhone 4 FAQs.

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