Thursday, May 19, 2011

Amazon Launches New Electronics Trade-In Program

It would seem that everyone has a trade-in or buy-back program these days and while Amazon has always been a great place to paw off your used textbooks, video games and movies they've never before offered to buy your electronics goods. Not until now that is. The company recently announced the Electronics Trade-In Store, offering customers a new way to conveniently trade in used electronics for Gift Cards.

Starting this week, Amazon customers can trade in electronics, including tablets, cell phones, MP3 players, cameras, GPS devices and more. With Amazon Trade-In, only one box is needed to ship multiple items and shipping is free. Simply visit and start searching for items to trade in.

Much like most of the electronic trade-in programs we've mentioned in the past, Amazon offers pennies on the dollar for what an enterprising eBay or Craigslister could get. It does however offer a ton of convenience as its really just as easy as ship it and forget it. No dead beat buyers, meeting in person or hidden fees.

How it works:

To start you search the trade-in site, find the item you want and navigate to the product page. So say you want to trade-in your Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB. Amazon is currently offering up to a $235.00 Gift Card if the item is in top notch condition. They are selling for $479, but hey Amazon has to make some money! The trade-in items you selected must exactly match the item displayed on the page. If it doesn't your trade will not be accepted. So make sure you have the iPhone 3GS and not the iPhone 3G.

From there selection the value you want according to the condition of your phone/device.If you aren't sure of the condition of your phone or what they are calling "like new, acceptable or good" you can check each box and a drop down with a description will pop up. Once you are happy with the item you are trading in you can add more items (other electronics or used textbooks, video games and movies) or click continue. You'll be promoted to verify your address. Once that is done you can either print a free pre-paid UPS shipping label or select another carrier that you'll need to pay.

Please note: There are limits on how much you can trade in. Each individual trade-in shipment is limited to a total value of up to $750. If your total trade-in shipment is greater than $750, you will need to make multiple trade-in shipments.

You will receive payment for items that meet or exceed the product eligibility criteria. If your items are considered to be in a better trade-in eligible condition than what you selected, you will receive the corresponding higher amount. (See an example). Exactly what better condition is isn't given but I'm assuming if you have a premium item like an iPad and its flawless they might give you more than one was in "decent condition".

Your Gift Card account will automatically be credited for accepted items. Learn more about Trade-In.

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