Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Warning Phishing Scam Targets Apple AppStore Users

Security firm F-Secure is warning Apple AppStore customers about a new new phishing scam that has some rather uncanny timing.

The scam email, which oddly enough was sent to a person who recently made a purchase from the AppStore on his iPad, appears to be from the "Apple AppStore," with a message informing the recipient that their app order "has been successfully cancelled." Users are directed to click on a link titled "order information," to get to the bottom of the problem.

Currently the link sends you off to a fake pharmaceutical site. Typically in these scams you'd be sent to a traditional phishing site that looks more like an official Apple page. So its really uncertain as to the goal behind the attack but F-Secure is more worried about the fact that the phony Apple AppStore message appears in email inboxes immediately after you purchase an app from Apple's legitimate App Store. At this time it is still unclear how the scammers know you just bought something from the App Store.

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