Wednesday, November 09, 2011

How To Enable iOS 5's Hidden Panoramic Feature

By now I'm sure you've all heard that iOS 5 has a really cool hidden panoramic feature buried inside. When the feature was first discovered it was thought that you had to jailbreak your device in order to take advantage of the feature. Alas you Apple Fanboys and Girls that don’t want to go through the pain of jailbreaking your device can rejoice. It turns out you can turn on this hidden feature without resorting to hacks.

The short description of it!
Enabling panoramic mode is as easy as making a make a backup of your device with iTunes. From there you edit a couple lines of code, restore your iPhone and the feature should be enabled.

The bit more detailed approach!
 Ok so its not just that quick and easy. For starters you need to create your iTunes back-up. Then you need to grab a free program called iBackupBot to edit a file in the backup you just made. The files is titled Library/Preferences/ . Once opened you need to add in the following EnableFirebreakYES under the DiskSpaceWasLow value. From there you export the file saving it back to your original backup. After that you restore that backup with the modified file included, which enables the panoramic mode in the camera app.

That’s it! If you followed the steps correctly, you’ll now be able to access panorama mode in the iOS 5 camera app. To use the panorama mode, open up the options in the Camera app, and you’ll see a setting for the mode right next to Grid and HDR.

Should you have a jailbroken phone and are looking for a bit easier route you can grab hacker Grant Paul's Firebreak tweak, which can be found in the Cydia storefront. The app essentially does all the same things posted above, however it doesn't require the back-up step or manually changing anything.

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