Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Apple Event Coming March 7th, Is An iPad 3 Inevitable

Apple fans should know by now that they shouldn't count there eggs, or well iDevices, before they hatch. Apple does things on their terms and inspite of months of speculation even when an event is scheduled until the official announcement is made they are the only one that know for sure what is coming. Case in point the iPhone 4s announcement

That said, it appears as though the wait for a new iPad may soon be over. Several sites and news sources are reporting the receipt of and invitation to an event on March 7 in San Francisco, where it’s said Apple will be releasing the third generation iPad.

The invitation features the picture below, clearly showing an iPad screen and the caption “We have something you really have to see. And touch.”

There are many rumors and speculation about what the new device will provide. Most experts believe the iPad 3 will feature a higher-resolution screen, a faster processor, perhaps even Apple's first quad-core and more internal memory. There is also speculation well see better cameras and a few other features to "boost" performance over the current iPad 2.

Even wilder rumors suggest we might see a smaller version of the iPad. Perhaps something in the 7 inch range. Or something that comes in with slightly less performance and a cheaper price tag.

For now its really just all speculation. If the supposed iPhone 5 event has taught us anything its that we really never know what Apple will have up their sleeve!!

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