Thursday, February 16, 2012

Follow The Web’s Hottest Real-Time Trends With msnNOW

Microsoft, via MSN has launched a new service dubbed msnNOW, which allows users to track real-time details on what is trending around the web.

msnNOW provides up-to-the-minute updates on breaking news, trends, and social conversations via popular social media sites Facebook, Twitter, and the company's search service Bing. The site utilizes and editorial staff and what Microsoft is calling "exclusive technology" that identifies what trends and topics are heating up on the Web, enabling it's staff members to continuously update the site with fresh content related to what has been identified as hot topics.

“msnNOW is really about keeping consumers in the know about the hottest topics on the Web,” says Bob Visse, general manager for MSN and the person who will lead the new service’s overall direction. “We’re using technology we built that analyzes all the social signals from Twitter, Facebook and the Web as well as search signals that come from Bing.”

msnNOW provides the following:

  • Breaking trends. Up-to-the-minute coverage on breaking trends from across the Web, with the option to sort by areas of interest, including entertainment, sports, lifestyle, stories of the day and finance.
  • Variety of sources. Coverage on and insight into the hottest social trends happening on Facebook, Twitter, and Bing.
  • Anywhere access. Access via PC, mobile, tablets, Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to join the conversation anytime and from anywhere.
  • Biggest movers. Keep track of the day’s most buzzed-about and discussed topics from millions of analyzed tweets, comments and searches, and see if it’s on the way up or on the way out.
  • Topic pages. A closer look at a topic, including a summary of why it’s trending, recent videos and images, and related tweets, public Facebook posts and information from Bing, MSN and the Web.

The dashboard is broken down into several segments with several different viewing options. You have an updated view of biggest movers which shows the top 10 hottest trends with real time updates. There is an option to review the top ten in 5 min increments for the past 2 hours. Below you'll see the option of viewing panels with subjects from 6 categories:

ALL - encompasses pretty much everything out there that might be trending now
FAME - tends to be more celebrity focused
SWEAT - is all about sports and sports related celebrities
CASH - trends towards business money money and more money
SOUL - for those that are looking for more lifestyle oriented trends
WIRE - for news I guess it seems open to interpretation
Sadly there is nothing directly related to subjects we'd like to see mainly tech, gaming or movies.

Here you'll what is being called an "info snack" page handpicked topics from the msnNOW editorial team described as "hundred-word nuggets". The are curated pages detailing the trending topic.

For more details you can checkout the site itself or Microsoft's press pages:

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