Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Facebook IPO Finally A Reality

Facebook has officially filed for its initial public offering (IPO) today paving the way for the social media giant to become a become a public company. The move is expected to raise between $5 billion and $10 billion in stock offerings.

The publicly available version of the SEC filing does not give a proposed date for the IPO and Facebook has not yet released its expectations for the initial stock price.

What Facebook's IPO means for you

Facebook becoming a publicly traded company might be great news for the sites founder Mark Zuckerberg and its investors but what does it mean for the users? Well it could go either way. Facebook will come under greater public scrutiny, and it's likely to face intense pressure from investors to keep growing its business each quarter. This means we could see more major changes, more advertising, development of other features or just about anything.

Investors will want more way to monetize the site so we'll likely see several changes as to what we'll be able to do on the site. Much like MySpace we may see a built in music player, video player and/or other applications that allow on site purchases. Well also likely see changes in how Facebook uses our user data to make money.

Facebook will almost certainly improve the mobile experience for users. We'll likely see more mobile advertising, even perhaps highly targeted ads for users checking into local businesses.

For now any speculation on possible changes is just that, speculation. One thing is for certain however, Facebook had better take notes from other social media sites that have come before it and not make the same mistakes. Users that don't like changes like the new timeline feature might not like any further potential chances and might very well leave the site behind.

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