Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Apple May Be Blocking non-iPhone 4S Devices Running Siri

Users of the Siri hack that allows the virtual assistant service to be used on none iPhone 4S' have begun reporting issues with their service. This may mean that Apple has found a new way of blocking the hack, which the company undoubtedly wants to do.

A recent report via the iDownloadBlog suggests that Apple has added a new SetActivationToken to the requirements for establishing a Siri connection, and this has caused issues for those trying to use 3rd party servers.

For now it looks like this may be a localized issue, with many readers responding that they've had no issues at all. Still others have said they've seen similar issues arising.

There is a workaround already in place. Hackers who are running into the new problems can simply delete the file com.apple.assistant.plist (located in var/mobile/Library/Preferences/). This will purge the older blocked server list and should remedy the situation.

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