Friday, February 24, 2012

The Future of Online File Sharing

One of the biggest stories in the online world so far in 2012 has concerned the shutdown of Megaupload, the file sharing and online storage service. This popular website was founded by Kim Dotcom and was accused of fostering copyright piracy and closed very suddenly.

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Megaupload worked around a simple concept: users could upload files and store them on the site's servers. These files could then be accessed by anyone registered to the service and subsequently downloaded. While this kind of free file sharing model allows for the exchange of ideas between professionals, it also opens up the way for copyright material to be accessed by users without the permission of the owners of the content. The site's closure does go a way to stop internet piracy, but the impact of the loss of Megaupload will be felt in many areas of the web, especially for those who legitimately used the service, for file backups.

Companies that offer or use cloud computing services will need to have a rethink their business model as 2012 progresses. Businesses will want to consider cloud computing services that operate differently to Megaupload to avoid unwanted legal implications.

Just how legitimate users view online storage services is set to change, too. The major concern for legitimate users, is that this case high lights how files stored online could easily be lost if something similar occurs again. Such users may reconsider whether they trust storing their files online.

Other websites are undertaking substantial changes to the way in which they operate in light of the case. Both Filesonic and Fileserve are examples of file sharing services that have altered how they work. Both of these services now require that a user be the original uploader in order to download any specific file, meaning that both websites are more about online storage than online file sharing going forward.

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