Monday, June 04, 2012

Bloggers Use Custom Stickers For More Exposure

Custom stickers can be a cheap easy way to build product awareness, gain branding and as a great overall marketing tool for just about anyone. Custom stickers can be made into different promotional items and create the visibility you want for your business or blog. They are easy to share, can offer great product placement and if used properly can help your blog or website gain some well needed attention all on the cheap.

Cheap Product Placement!
Where else can you get very targeted product placement for so cheap. It use to be that you had to order everything in bulk and only major businesses could afford to design and print their own decals and stickers. Nowadays several sites offer a variety of packages for custom sticker printing. In same case you have the option of smaller orders with as few as 25 stickers or going bulk with several thousand. This allows for smaller companies and sites the opportunity to have personalized stickers printed for fairly cheap.

Targeted Audiences
Geeks I'm sure you remember the days when case stickers were all the rage? Alongside our hardware we got freebies from manufactures to showcase what we had installed in our otherwise plain jane looking computer cases. We'd take these cases with us to gaming sessions and our friends would want to checkout what we were packing. Custom stickers can work to showcase your business to a very specific audience.

When was the last time you watched a car race and didn't see a ton of stickers on a car? Well for us Geeks we have several untapped resources for showing off our product support, or promoting our sites. Think about how much unused real estate there is on the back of your own cellphones, tablets or notebooks. Bloggers, by adding in a few well placed stickers we can use our own devices to showcase our own sites. Think of it, a few Geek News stickers placed on a new notebook or tablet at one of the many conferences could potentially net us several hundred new readers. These are generally people in the tech world that carry major influence. If those readers love our blog as much as we do they can drive hundreds more readers. All that exposure for pennies on the dollar thanks to some well designed custom stickers.

Convenient and Versatile
One of the most pivotal aspects of personalized stickers or decals is that they are convenient and versatile. For a few cents you can send them to just about anyone in the world and they can be placed on just about any surface. Stickers have a way of offering more “bang” for the marketing “buck” than traditional forms of advertising, as custom stickers have the potential to wind up on all kinds of common, everyday surfaces, such as car bumpers, laptops, water-bottles, telephone poles, and more. You can print decals and stickers, send them off to friends and family or even just readers and they can instantly become walking talking advertisements for you.

Recently I discussed the need for business cards in the digital age, in that post I said one of the major benefits to having business cards is that you have visual representation of who you are. With stickers or decals you can attract some of that same attention and even go a bit further. A well designed logo for a sticker might not only be visually stunning and attention grabbing but you may even end up with one of those rate images and/or phrases with the potential to go viral.

Hopefully this gives some of our readers and fellow bloggers some ideas on way to make the most of their marketing dollars and maximize their returns. Sometimes we have to think outside the box and return to some of the good old ideas that worked well in the past.

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