Thursday, June 28, 2012

FTC Offers Consumers Advice On Identity Theft

Identity theft continues to top the list of consumer complaints to the Federal Trade Commission. An identity thief can hijack your tax refund, alter your medical records, prevent you from getting credit or a job, and even borrow money in your child’s name. If your identity is stolen, what will you do? Do you know your rights?

New publications from the Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency, explain how to protect your child’s information and your own, and the immediate steps to take to limit damage from identity theft:

Taking Charge: What To Do If Your Identity Is Stolen (PDF) is a handbook with tips about protecting your information, and instructions, sample forms, and letters to help recover from theft.

Safeguarding Your Child’s Future (PDF) is a guide to help parents and guardians protect a child’s information and repair damage caused by theft.

Identity Theft: What To Know, What To Do (PDF) is an easy-to-copy brochure covering the basics: how to avoid and respond to identity theft.

In addition to the available publications there are three one-minute videos available that demonstrate habits to protect personal information and the essential first steps to take if your identity is stolen. The FTC also offers several resources like sample dispute letters for opening claims, fighting credit report issues and letters for law enforcement.

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