Monday, July 23, 2012

Despite Warnings Most Consumers Still Fail To Update Their Software

A new study indicates that nearly 40 percent of all users fail to update the software on their computers when initially prompted to do so while approximately one quarter of those surveyed said despite the warnings and headlines prompting them to do so they still don’t clearly understand what software updates do.

The new survey that was co-sponsored by Microsoft's Skype division asked American, British and German consumers if and when they were more likely to install critical software updates. Shockingly even though they received notifications on their computers telling them to update their software, more than half said they needed to see a prompt between two and five times before downloading and installing an update. Even for those consumers who recognized the benefits of upgrading, one quarter didn’t know how to check if their installed software even needs updating.

When asked for their top reasons for either downloading or not downloading updates, consumers across geographies offered the following responses:

Top Reasons for Updating
1. Keeping computers safe from viruses/hackers
2. Ensures software is free of bugs and crashes less often
3. Having the latest and greatest software features
4. Upgrades are often free

Top Reasons for Not Updating
1. Worried about computer security, so I don’t download everything I’m prompted to
2. There is no real benefit to me
3. Upgrades take too long
4. Lack of understanding about what the update(s) will do

The results of the study shows that a lot of folks don't quickly update their software when prompted to do so or fail to do so completely. This prompted the creation of a global initiative dubbed International Technology Upgrade Week (ITUW) with Skype teaming with Adobe, Symantec and TomTom to encourage consumers to regularly download free software updates to their computers, smartphones, tablets and other portable devices, like GPS units.

You can follow the discussion about International Technology Upgrade Week on Twitter using #Update4Free or on the Skype Facebook page. For more information about the study checkout the posting on the Official Skype Blog

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