Friday, January 11, 2008

Mahalo Dropping Payments to Guides

Allen Stern over at CenterNetworks summed it up well with his recent post Mahalo Changes Payment Plan and Yes, Jason Mahalo is an SEO Play - I've Got Charts

Beginning Monday, January 14th, we will be assigning smaller dollar amounts to extremely short SeRPs or very fringe topic SeRPs that aren't of high priority, and likewise, we will be assigning higher prices to SeRPs in especially difficult verticals or which are in high demand.

Mahalo was supposedly able to run for the first several years without generating revenues from Ads, however we now see that has changed. Jason at one time said they had enough capital to run for several years, however he has been actively searching for more money. ValleyWag seems to think Mahalo is burning money.

What gives Jason are you guys going broke? Do you honestly feel as though your guides are going to work their butts off to create a "great" page for $2.00? I wonder how many of your current guides are planning a mutiny? They've already been complaining about delays in payment and delays in having their SERRS accepted. It sounds as though things are sliding down hill fast over there! Thank god I got out when I could. Now if I could just get paid for the work I did for you guys I'd be a happy man!

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