Monday, January 28, 2008

Windows 7 'build' on BitTorrent is bogus

Computerworld reports many users of popular torrent sites and programs having been creating bogus files called Windows 7. The files are a supposed follow up to Windows Vista. reports that several BitTorrent sites have been seeded with files posing as the M1 -- for Milestone 1 -- build of Windows 7. But downloaders have confirmed that the disk images are bogus and should be avoided. The potential for virus infection is obvious but as of now no one is reporting any malicious use of code. So far it looks to be a simple prank.

Popular Blogs such as Gizmodo have recently reported that the previous release date of 2009 as been pushed back to 2001 or beyond. Earlier this month Gizmodo posted Video of Windows 7 Ultimate however in my opinion it looks more like a tweaked version of Vista than anything.

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