Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mahalo Lawsuit Looks Inevitable

It looks as though the inevitable is likely, in less than a week I'll be forced to file a lawsuit against and Jason Calacanis for failure to pay in accordance to the terms of our contracts. I made pretty much every attempt possible to reach an agreement and avoid going through the court process. However its beginning to look fairly dim.

The only recent contact came shorty after the follow up post to my original post "Mahalo Refuses Mentors Payments". I basically pointed out the fact that the pages they are refusing to pay for are still on and for the most part they have been untouched or unaltered in anyway. The majority of these pages are still listed under my name and unfortunately I'm still listed on the email for the submitted user links!

To me this more than signifies the acceptance of those pages. Which in turn shows I fully fulfilled the terms of the Mahalo Mentors Agreement and my end of the contracts!

Given the fact they still had to calculate payments for December, of which I'm owed approximately $760, and they are never on time with those payments. I decided to give them until the end of the month to pay in full for all three months. Payment delays have always been an issue with Mahalo so they may surprise me!!

The lack of response to my email, which was a response to them calling, pretty much tells me I'm going to have to go through the legal system and fight to get my payments.

It pretty unfortunate that it has to come to legal action considering from July to December I devoted most of mt time and efforts to working with at and with the members of the Mahalo Greenhouse.


  1. Anonymous5:06 AM

    wow i feel sorry for you having to bother going to court over peanuts like that, maybe you should use this experience to pull your finger out and make some real money not editing maholo pages for a few dollars..

  2. I'd like nothing more than a great at home job that pays top dollar. However those seem to be few and far between. All things aside for the most part working with Mahalo was enjoyable. Sure there were issues and a bump or two in the road. But I never expected something like this!

  3. Anonymous4:19 AM

    please sue Mahalo, sue Calacanis!

    Calacanis is a crook, nothing less: he took a drawing from my server, removed (C) copyright message and placed on his server and refuses to take it down! He is a thief in more than one sense.

  4. Anonymous12:34 AM

    The Shit Continues!!!I Am Currently Fighting With Mahalo Over money as well!!! And now they Have a NEW Scam!! They Put movies on The Most Wanted List With The wrong Title!! Then After you complete the Serp, They Change The Title to reflect the Corrected Name, And tell you The serp v YOU Did is not accepted because they did not Authorize A Serp by That name to be Completed!!! My Roommate And Myself have Both Had This Happen!!!

  5. Wow if they are using your pages without paying then then you are being ripped off.

    I know they had some issues with this in the past, and they tried to get by it by saying its your responsibility to check Mahalo for the pages. On several occasions PTG's created duplicates of pages that had previously been done and in many cases the pages PTG's had done were better than the existing page.

    I'm curious as to the exact details of the situation. If the poster would please email me directly so we can chat that'd be appreciated. If you click on my profile up there you'll get my email address.

  6. Follow up: Today was their last day to pay up and there was no resolution. So it looks like I get to go through the tortures of the legal system. Wish me luck!!


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