Monday, October 26, 2009

Google Gives Us The Social Search Expirement

Google today launched what they are calling a new experiment on Google Labs called Google Social Search. The newest search function that is automatically integrated into your search results that helps you find relevant content from your friends and inner social circle.

All the information that appears as part of Google Social Search is published publicly on the web — you can find it without Social Search if you really want to. What we've done is surface that content together in one single place to make your results more relevant. The way we do it is by building a social circle of your friends and contacts using the connections linked from your public Google profile, such as the people you're following on Twitter or FriendFeed. The results are specific to you, so you need to be signed in to your Google Account to use Social Search. If you use Gmail, we'll also include your chat buddies and contacts in your friends, family, and coworkers groups. And if you use Google Reader, we'll include some websites from your subscriptions as part of your social search results.

To learn more about how Social Search works behind the scenes, including the choices and control you have over the content you see and share, read our help center article or watch this video:

This new feature is listed as an experiment meaning it may or may not stick around for the long term. In order use the feature to its fullest Google reminds users they will need to create a public Google profile and be logged in while searching expand your social circle search results and more easily find the information you're looking for.

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