Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Microsoft Releases Sidekick Data Recovery Tool

Following up on their promises to help restore user data as quickly as possible the Danger/Microsoft team has released a new set of tools for T-Mobile customers that should help in their data restoration efforts.

Beginning [early Tuesday], T-Mobile Sidekick users were invited to log into the My T-Mobile website, where there will be a recovery tool to restore contacts you may have lost during the recent service outage. This tool will enable you to view the contacts you had on your device as of October 1. With a few clicks and a confirmation, you will be able to restore these contacts to your Sidekick. If you have recreated some of the same contacts on your Sidekick since October 1, you can choose to keep both sets of contacts, merge them, or just keep the set of contacts now on your device. You may also edit any partial or complete duplicates on your Sidekick after restoration.

"We continue to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to restore your data. We’re making solid progress on the next phase in this restoration process, including your photographs, notes, to-do lists, marketplace data and high scores," the company said in the full statement.

No date has been set for beginning that second phase of the data recovery, however the companies both remain optimistic that they'll be able to retrieve most if not all of the lost data.

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