Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Upgrading Your Opertaing System Just Got Easier With Ninite

Upgrading To Windows 7? Or perhaps you've tried it and now want to downgrade back to your old OS. Either way you go re-installing several of your favorite programs just got a lot easier with Ninite

Ninite is a multi-app installer tool that builds and installer package packed into a single executable file which will run all your selected installations in one go. You simply choose the applications you want from the aggregated list of popular PC applications which vary from your favorite browsers like Firefox and Chrome, all the way down to developer tools like Eclipse, Python and Putty. Once you have made your selections simple click the submit button and Ninite builds your installer.

From there you can move the installer to a disk, separate partition or other portable device. Once you have your new operating system in place simply run the installer and sit back while all your favorite programs are installed. No need to run off to every individual site and sit through downloads.

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