Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rumor: Google Music Service In The Works

Popular tech blog TechCrunch reported this morning that Google might have a new service up it's sleeve and this one looks like it might be musical in nature.

Citing "several source" Micheal Arrington wrote that the company is developing a music service, which he aptly dubbed Google Audio. Arrington's report wasn't too far, the name however did miss the mark by a mile. TechCrunch and CNet are both providing more information on what is now being called "One Box for music."

One box is said to be a partnership between Google, Lala and iLike. The new service will be integrated into Google Search, and will allow users to quickly discover song previews, artist info, pictures, video and more. One Box, seems to be a play on one search box for everything, will feature thumbnail photos of the searched artists, background information, as well as a listing of the music that the searcher can preview, according to the sources.

Basic details aside neither CNet nor TechCrunch have been able to offer much. None of the companies involved will confirm the new Google Music service – Arrington writes, "we have “no comments” or absolute silence from Google, LaLa, MySpace and iLike. But the new service is all but confirmed. And we have the screenshots showing how the service, which will be announced on October 28, will look to prove it."

It looks like we are stuck waiting for another week for more details!

Follow-up (11-2-09)

Google has made it official your search results will now include links to an audio preview of those songs provided by our music search partners MySpace (which just acquired iLike) or Lala. When you click the result you'll be able to listen to an audio preview of the song directly from one of those partners. For example, if I search for [21st century breakdown], the first results provide links to songs from Green Day's new album. MySpace and Lala also provide links to purchase the full song.

For more details read the full announcement via the Official Google Blog.


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