Friday, October 23, 2009

Microsoft Confirms Install Issues With Windows 7 "Student Edition"

Last month we posted that students with a valid .EDU email address could purchase Windows 7 for $29.99, today however it seems as though that deal might have fallen a tad flat.

Microsoft has confirmed via a support thread, that several users that have purchased Windows 7 from Digital River are receiving the error ‘We are unable to create or save new files in the folder in which this application was downloaded” when going through the “Unloading the Box”.

According to the post Microsoft and Digital River are aware of the issue and it’s being investigated. In the mean time Microsoft is offering refunds to users or they have posted a very easy workaround that seems to be working well for most users.

The quickest easiest way to accomplish the workaround involves creating am ISO image of the files and creating a bootable disk. To do so follow these steps as provided

To start with, make sure your downloaded Windows 7 files (the 'expandedSetup' directory) is unzipped into C:\ -- it'll make things easier later.

1. Download this tool -- alternatively you can obtain the official pack from Microsoft, but that's a whole darn gigabyte.

2. Unzip and move oscdimg.exe to your System32 directory (likely to be C:\Windows\System32)

3. Open an elevated command prompt. In Vista you do this by typing 'cmd' into your 'Start Menu' and hitting ctrl+shift+enter. In XP, just type 'cmd' into the Run dialogue (Windows Key+R or from your Start Menu).

4. Type (or copy and paste) the following into your command prompt (this will vary a little, depending on where you've put your expandedSetup folder):

oscdimg.exe –u2 –b"C:\expandedSetup\boot\" –h "C:\expandedSetup" C:\WIN7.ISO

5. Ta'da! You've got a burnable ISO!

All you need to finish the job is a good burning application like ImgBurn, PowerISO or CDBurnerXP.
If you haven't purchased Windows 7 yet and you are a member of a qualifying University you can still get your cheap download upgrade copy of Windows 7 for just $29.99. All you need is to be part of an eligible college or university. Find out more here.

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