Wednesday, February 17, 2010

EVGA Folding@EVGA Promotion

Use your CPU's down time to earn EVGA Bucks for Folding with EVGA!

Folding@home is a distributed computing project - who's goal is to perform simulations of protein folding and misfolding enable the scientific community to better understand the development of many diseases, including sickle-cell disease (drepanocytosis), Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, mad cow disease, cancer, Huntington's disease, cystic fibrosis, osteogenesis imperfecta, alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency, and other aggregation-related diseases.

Through the program people from throughout the world download and run the F@H software to group their PCs into a cluster that works together to make one of the largest supercomputers in the world.The software uses your unused PC/GPU cycles to run therefore the user experience no slow down during the process. Each computer makes a small part of the larger group, off-loading the need to buy several expensive supercomputers.

EVGA's Promotion

Over the past year EVGA has offered an on going promotion to everyone that folds under the EVGA team. This year they have revamped the way it works completely and we upped the ante as well.

Every month you must pass one or two milestones to earn EVGA bucks: 100k and 250k points per month. If you pass 100k you will earn 5 EVGA bucks, if you pass 250k you will earn 5 more EVGA bucks for a total of 10. That's a total of 60 EVGA bucks for 1,200,000 points and 120 EVGA Bucks for 3,000,000 points - but only if you fold all year!

How it works:

At midnight of the first of every month, EVGA will take a capture of your points. This time, you can earn up to 120 EVGA bucks, 10 per month, for getting 250,000 per month. That's about 8,500 PPD. There will be another option to earn 5 EVGA bucks per month for those that earn 100,000 points. That's about 3,500 PPD. Your count will then reset the following month so you will need to earn 100k or 250k more points that month to get more EVGA bucks. For each milestone, you will need to check in on the My Folding page to request your EVGA Bucks. To check your current 'folding year' point totals, check your My Folding page.
    Points per month: EVGA bucks earned
  • 250,000: 5 EVGA Bucks (for a total of 10)
  • 100,000: 5 EVGA Bucks

What you get:

You can use you credited EVGA bucks as cash in the EVGA store, for purchase of any items offered. EVGA Bucks are essentially equal to one (1) US Dollar and used like a gift certificate in the online store. They are non-transferable to other accounts or to real currency and they do not expire.
  • EVGA Bucks are not redeemable for cash or credit
  • EVGA Bucks can only be used on the website for new and recertified product purchases
  • EVGA Bucks cannot be used to purchase shipping, EAR, step-up or other exclusive EVGA programs
  • Awarding EVGA Bucks is subject to verification of your account validity
  • EVGA Bucks can never be transfered to another account

For more details on Folding with EVGA checkout the EVGA promotion page and be sure to checkout Folding@home for more details on this very worthwhile program!

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