Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How To: Completely Disable Google Buzz

If like many off the masses out there you aren't happy with the fact that Google has force fed us Buzz there is an answer. Up until now, you were only able to "disable" Buzz from a relatively small link find at the bottom of your Gmail page. Unfortunately, disabling it this way just hides Buzz from you it doesn't disable the service. If you had a public profile, your status changes would still be buzzed, and people could still see them and find you.

Today Google has stepped up and responded to many complaints over privacy concerns and released a simple and complete way of disabling the service completely.

Under your Gmail settings, (right next to the themes tab) there will now be a tab called Buzz. The "turn off buzz" link at the bottom of Gmail will also bring you to this tab. The new tab allows you to control various things, as well as disable Buzz altogether, profile and all. If you want, you can also choose to just hide Buzz from your Gmail, leaving it to still work through your mobile device.

  (Credit: Screenshot by CNET)

At this time the Buzz tab is not yet available to all users (it wasn't on any of my accounts). But fear not, if you don't already have it it should show up in your account soon.For those that don't want to wait to disable Buzz, you can follow the laborious approach of editing your Google profile as posted via CNet last week.

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