Friday, February 11, 2011

AMD 's New Chips May Get New 'Vision' Naming Scheme

According to X-Bit Labs AMD will be restructuring and renaming their entire CPU lineup starting with the upcoming release of the "Bulldozer" platform. The new naming structure is an attempt to emphasize the company's corporate AMD Vision trademark and hopefully make things less complicated for users

Essentially there will be three series separated by performance levels.
  1. Enthusiast Chips - the FX-Series - AMD Vision Black and AMD Vision Ultimate labels
  2. Mid-range/mainstream Chips - A-Series - AMD Vision Ultimate and AMD Vision Premium platforms
  3. Budget/Entry level Chips- E-Series - AMD Vision
The new FX-Series will consist of "Zembezi" processors based on Bulldozer micro-architecture with four, six or eight cores. These will be your high end enthusiast/gamer level chips.The A-Series processors will consist of the "Llano" APUs (accelerated processing units). These will have two or four cores and an ATI Radeon HD 6000-class graphics core. These will consist of the mainstream market mid-range chips. As for the E-Series, this group will serve the low-end market with APU's using one or two cores and a basic Radeon HD 6000-class "Zacate" graphics core.

The new naming scheme is really nothing new to AMD fans as they have been using the AMD Vision name and logos to differentiate platform levels for awhile now.  However if the plans proceed according to the reports  specific brand-names like Athlon, Phenom, Phenom II and Sempron will vanish into oblivion. User can also expect a new set of updated logo's (I've seen these and depending on which they choose they look cool) that will stand out a little more making it easier to differentiate the products.

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