Friday, February 11, 2011

AT&T Fighting To Keep iPhone Users Offers 1,000 Free Rollover Minutes

According to 9to5Mac, AT&T is trying its best to keep iPhone users by offering the up more perks than ever. Some iPhone customers have confirmed they are receiving text messages which say users can get 1,000 bonus rollover minutes at no cost. You simply have to reply “YES” to the 11113020 number and you will receive a text that says your account has been credited!

Comment's over at 9to5Mac have confirmed this works for any iPhone customers even if they have not yet received the text. We are not sure if anyone else has tried it or not but it might be worth a shot.

Update: I just tried it from my regular AT&T cellphone and got the confirmation reply so we'll see if it works or not!

This is just one of the latest moves by AT&T stop the masses from fleeing over to Verizon or other networks.

Earlier this week the company announced the launch of a new plan that offers unlimited talk and text with any mobile number on any U.S. carrier regardless of your recipient's provider. Users simply need to activate their unlimited mobile-to-mobile promotion by visiting The new promotion is available on $39.99 and higher Nation plans and $69.99 and higher FamilyTalk plans.

All this follows reports several weeks ago that AT&T was offering iPhone owners free microCells to boost in-door coverage using the consumer’s broadband connection. The 3G microcells($199.99) went on sale from AT&T last year and are mainly popular for those living in low coverage areas. The microcell works like a signal extender boosting your broadband connection by actually creating a new 3G signal using your broadband connection.

A few caveats to the deal are that in order to accept it you must sign on to an additional 12-month contract. If the customer decides to break or cancel the agreement before the 12-month contract ends, they will have to return the microcell to AT&T or pay the pro-rated cost for it. This agreement won’t have any effect on your handset contract end date or your ability to upgrade your phone.

All these promotions are great for consumers as it actually drives a little competition. So for now at least kuddos to AT&T for not just throwing in the towel.

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