Wednesday, February 23, 2011

iFixit Does A Motorola Atrix Teardown

Thanks to the folks at iFixit Motorola Atrix fans get to see the inner workings of their new toy.

Courtesy iFixit

The iFixit geeks have done the usual awesome job on their Motorola Atrix teardown which reveals the full details of the inner workings of the Atrix as well as the usual easy to follow step by step guide on how to get to those workings.

The phone is equipped with 16GB of NAND flash, 4" qHD (Quarter High Definition) PenTile LCD Display capable of 960x480 resolution , 1GB DDR2 RAM and a beast of a chip in the 1 GHz Cortex-A9 Dual-Core NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU. There are also two cameras one 5 MP Rear-facing camera with 720p video capture (A software update to be released soon will reportedly allow for full 1080p video capture.) and VGA Front-facing camera

Even more exciting for DIY'ers is that the teardown reveals that the glass panel is not glued to the LCD. This means that for those of us that are clumsy and drop and break our phone's screens or those that are always scratching the screens there is hope that we may be able to swap out the glass on our own.

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