Friday, February 25, 2011

Pre-Order Homefront Get A Free OnLive Gaming System

OnLive is doing an exclusive promotion now through March 14th. Order a FullPlay Pass of Homefront at $49.99 and you'll receive a free On-Live gaming system as well as free FullPlay Pass for Metro 2033.You'll be on the hook for taxes and shipping but you are getting a $99 system and free $39.99 FullPass for just 50 bucks.

Here is the cavit, OnLive says this is open to a limited number of subscribers while supplies last but does not mention the exact number. So this could be a bit of a crap shoot on the "free" system, you'll still get the free game however.

The full details:

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS. NO RETROACTIVE DISCOUNTS. Purchase a Full PlayPass for “Homefront” between February 25, 2011 (2:00 PM PST) and March 14, 2011 (11:59PM PDT) and receive a promo code for a Full PlayPass to “Metro 2033” shortly after purchase. A limited number of OnLive subscribers will also receive an email after March 14, 2011 (11:59PM PDT) containing a promo code for a FREE OnLive Game System. Shipping, handling and tax for the OnLive Game System not included. The free OnLive Game System offer is valid during “Homefront” pre-order while supplies last. Promo codes for “Metro 2033” and free OnLive Game System (while supplies last) must be redeemed by March 31, 2011 (11:59PM PDT). Terms are subject to change without notice. Only valid within the contiguous United States while connected to the OnLive Game Service. Game purchases are not transferable. No cash value. Game pre-orders may be cancelled and refunds are available at any time before the game is released on the OnLive Game Service. Cancellation of the pre-order cancels offer promo codes, the “Metro 2033” Full PlayPass, and the free OnLive Game System offer. Contact OnLive Customer Service for cancellation and refund requests at or 1-888-ONLIVE-5.

For more details you can checkout this On-Live Blog post.

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