Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kmart Is Looking For Gamers To Send To E3

The Consumer Electronics branch of Kmart is giving a few lucky blogging gamers the chance chance to attend the E3 expo on the company's dime. So if you are a gamer, can write a good blog post and want the chance to attend E3 listen up!

Beginning today through March 30, KmartGamer, an online resource and community for video gamers, is seeking submissions from gaming bloggers interested in attending the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) which takes place June 7 – 9 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

You will attend the gaming trade show on behalf of KmartGamer and will be reporting on all the E3 action for the site. Foe consideration you must
  • Be a skilled storyteller that's both passionate and knowledgeable about gaming, or a specific platform or genre. This passion must shine through clearly in your writing, photography, video -- everything you do that's gaming-related. In addition to being a general gamer and gaming enthusiast, you also have a clear passion in a specialty. This could be a platform, or a genre (e.g. sports, FPS).
  • Bloggers must be actively involved in gaming forums, sites or other channels (e.g. Twitter) where they talk about gaming. They're a recognized, trusted name on those channels and have a following. (Meaning they didn't just sign up for CAG yesterday.)

To be considered, video-game bloggers must follow the simple, two-step submission process:
  • Step One: Write a blog post that states why KmartGamer should select them for participation, including providing the following information within their post:
    • Why are you interested in going to E3?
    • What would you be excited to see and cover at E3?
    • Why do you want to go to E3 with KmartGamer?
    • Describe your experiences with KmartGamer, such as how you learned about this call for submissions or how you discovered the various KmartGamer online resources.
  • Step Two: Link their individual blog submission as a comment on the official KmartGamer.com blog announcing the call for submissions, located at http://www.mykmart.com/mykmart_blog/KmartGamer-bloggers-e3-2011. Bloggers are also required to supply their e-mail and mailing addresses in the necessary entry fields found on the KmartGamer.com blog by Wednesday, March 30.

Following the submission process, a team of Kmart Consumer Electronics representatives will review the applicants and select three bloggers to attend E3 on its behalf and blog about their experiences. KmartGamer will also provide bloggers with travel and hotel expense and a daily per diem for the three-day expo.

Gaming enthusiasts can also follow KmartGamer on Twitter at twitter.com/kmartgamer or on the KmartGamer blog at www.kmartgamer.com. Additionally, to learn about the latest Kmart consumer electronics offers and news visit, www.kmart.com/electronics.

For more details checkout the KmartGamer blog post "KmartGamer is going to E3 2011 -- and you can too!"

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