Wednesday, February 09, 2011

So Long Dell Adamo We Barely Knew You

Dell's expensive MacBook Air Rival the Dell Adamo line has sang its last hurrah. According to CNet the company has officially discontinued the product line moving the last few new Adamos out the door at steep discounts.

First introduced back in 2009 the Dell Adamo was immediately tagged as a competitor to the new MacBook Air. While the Adamo matched the MackBook Air not only in styling and specifications it unfortunately matched the MBA in price as well, which might have ultimately led to its demise. When initially introduced the sleek little laptops fetched a $2000 price tag putting them well out of reach for most consumers and in many peoples eyes far to pricey for a Dell.

Dell has repeatedly slashed prices over the last several months finally cutting the price on the 13-inch Adamo down to as low as $799. Dell had to downgrade a few components in order to slash the additional 200 bones from the previous $999 price tag and initial price of $1099.

The laptops are still listed on the Dell site, however there is no pricing information and it is noted that they might not be available in your area.  As a final note, refurbished 13-inch Adamos are still available at low prices.

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