Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hackers, Modders, Geeks of All Sorts Red Bull Wants You

Hackers, modders and inventors Red Bull is making a call to arms as Red Bull presents the Red Bull Creation Contest.  Red Bull Creation is a competition about making things. The challenge for inventors, builders, modders and Hackers is to push their limits, by creating something new and inspiring, while under the pressure of short time constraints and big city lights.

Red Bull invites you to build a four person team, the goal is to build, modify or invent something based on a specific topic. Teams will be judge based on an as of now unknown criteria with the top qualifying teams will being invited to compete in this summer's Red Bull Creation competition. There your four person team will be invited to create a device based on an unspecified topic in a short 72 hr time frame.

The details:
From July 7 - 10, 2011, a soon-to-be-disclosed location in NYC will be turned into the ultimate hackerspace and serve as the laboratory for Red Bull Creation.  For 72 hours, you'll be thrown smack into the middle of a marathon of high stakes innovation.  New York will become your playground as you roam the streets of the city and the alleys of your imagination, tapping into parts of the brain you've never heard of (or strike that, you're the inventor here, you probably know way more about that than we do.)

On the final day, the event culminates in a live exhibition and show for all of New York to see. One catch: you won't know the build topic until the first tick of those 72 hours. You want a shot at the glory? You've got to qualify first at www.redbullusa.com/creation.

How to Qualify:

You must first build a four person team and submit a device built around the current current theme "Hack The Past. Create the Future." Your team has until April 24th to complete your build and upload images and video of what your entry.

  1. You must somehow incorporate an Arduino controller into the final creation.
  2. Final submission must be bigger than a bread box, but smaller than a box truck.
  3. Other than that, Red Bull is making the criteria intentionally broad. They invite you to take chances, and have fun.  They’re looking for a combination of technical skill, out of the box creativity, and dynamic teamwork! 

  1. Like algebra, you need to show your work. Posting a video of your creation is a must during the online registration process that starts March 25.  It should include an introduction of your creation and how you made it. All team members must be in the final submitted video.
  2. We said it before and we'll say it again: You must be a team of four. 
  3. You must nominate a team Captain to be in charge of all team correspondence.  
  4. This competition is open to residents of the U.S. ages 18 and up.
  5. You must be ready for your 15 minutes of fame. You may be on television. We plan on sharing the brainchild of your creative genius with the world.  We hope you're okay with that.
  6. You must be willing to travel to New York this summer, whether Red Bull gives you a travel stipend or not. So be sure to pencil in July 7-10 on your calendar as "Days I take over the world."
  7. Consider repurposing material in your creation. Brainpower is stronger than spending power anyway.  And using objects that have a story behind them always adds intrigue.
  8. Only one submission per team is allowed.
  9. Your submission must be uploaded by midnight PST on April 24. 
  10. You agree to all of the legal terms and conditions at www.redbullusa.com/creation when you register.  And complete the release form.
  11. Bask in the creative process!

The top teams will be selected by a panel of judges and invited to compete in Red Bull Creation this summer. Judges will be announced soon... keep checking @RedBullCreation for possible leaks. (This might help give ideas on each judges criteria and possibly even help with topic ideas)

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