Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review: Belkin Conserve Switch Surge Protector with Remote

Sticking with this week's Earth Day theme we offer another review of another energy conserving gadget from Belkin.

The Belkin Conserve Switch is a power energy-saving 8-Outlet Surge Suppressor which allows you to completely cut the power to up to six electronic devices when they are not in use. By completely removing the power to 'stand-by' devices users can conserve energy and save a little extra money all while reducing emissions and your carbon footprint.

This Energy-reducing surge protector features a wireless remote control for turning off selected switchable outlets, ensuring that computer or home theater peripheral devices are not left unnecessarily on or are drawing power even in standby mode. Two "always-on" outlets provide power to devices that typically need to stay on, like modems or cable boxes. The unit also offers full surge protection ensuring that valuable electronic equipment is protected against harmful power activity.

Belkin Conserve Switch Features

  • 8 total outlets
  • Wireless remote switch works up to 60 feet away and is wall-mountable (battery included)
  • Remote-Switched Outlets let you eliminate standby power to up to 6 outlets with one click
  • 2 Always-On Outlets for devices that need continuous power, like routers
  • 4 foot cord length
  • Cable-management clip keeps cords neat
  • Sliding safety covers for added protection
  • EMI/RFI Noise Filtration
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • $100,000 Connected Equipment Warranty

The Good
  • Works great to kill power to none essential devices and saves money
  • The remote has great range its boasted at 60 ft
  • Plenty of spacing between the outlets for ac/dc converters

The Bad
  • This thing is a monster it measures 13.275" x 4.05" x 2.61"
  • Very heavy and hard to fit into tight spaces
  • The remote rocker is over sized (3.25"(L) X 1.75"(W)) and very clunky. It has a very cheap feel!
My thoughts
I've used several surge protectors units in the past most of which were smaller units. For me being able to tuck them into a corner or away from view was a big bonus. The overall size pf this unit makes it very difficult to hide from view. If that doesn't bother you then you'll probably like some of the features it has to offer. It has a very sturdy design, good spacing for lots of ac adapters and the kill switch works great.

The one really bad thing is the remote. Its rather gaudy looking and feels very cheap. The rocker mechanism isn't smooth at all so it makes a bit of a clicking sound and doesn't feel like its actually engaging. It comes with a wall mount so you can place the switch someplace close by but I'd definitely want to hide that thing out of site.

Given the $40 MSRP it would be pretty hard for me to recommend the Belkin Conserve Switch. Having a remote kill switch is nice but realistically I'm not sure I see myself even using that option.

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