Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rumor: $150 Nintendo Wii Coming May 15th?

Rumor has it Nintendo will be dropping the price of the Wii console by $50 just ahead of this year's E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

According to Engadget, a "trusted source" has indicated that the Wii will begin retailing for $150 on May 15. They do however add that they are not fully convinced that Nintendo would announce a price cut then, rather than, during the excitement of the Electronics Entertainment Expo which will take place in June. Adding reverence that Engadget's source is might be correct, GoNintendo has posted what is purportedly an internal price sheet from Kmart showing a $50 price cut for several Wii SKUs that are listed as "clearance" items.

The Nintendo Wii is currently priced at $199 on most sites (with a few sites listing deals as low as $169) a price it shares with its cheapest competition, the 4GB Xbox 360 system. The cheapest PlayStation 3, by contrast, costs $299.99. This new $149 price could help bolster sales which by many reports have been stagnant. 

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