Wednesday, April 20, 2011

'JetMan' To Make His US Debut Flying Through the Grand Canyon

Yves Rossy, better knows as “JetMan”, plans to done his jet-powered wing to make yet another astonishing flight. This time he is headed over here to the states where, On May 6, Rossy plans to fly through the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Rossy best known for his daredevil flights across the English Channel, Lake Geneva and over the Swiss Alps plans to bring his jet-powered wing to the Grand Canyon. There he’ll jump out of a plane then fly through the majestic canyon with jet motors strapped to his back before parachuting to safety.

According to Popular Science the exact point of Rossy’s flight has yet to be revealed, but we do know that it will take place somewhere in the Western Grand Canyon area and that during his flight Rossy will pass within 700 feet of onlookers as he negotiates his way through the canyon.

As the date approaches I'm sure more details of the event will be released. So readers may want to follow Rossy on Twitter @jetmanyvesrossy and on Facebook at Yves "JETMAN" Rossy.

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