Friday, April 29, 2011

MSI N560GTX-Ti Hawk – How fast is it?

The following is a guest post by Andy G of which features a great collection of hardware device drivers and software.

MSI had great success with the R6870 Hawk powered by AMB and now with the launch of the card, which is fueled with an Nvidia GTX Ti GPU; they hope to fly even higher than before. It has the makings of being the best MSI has in regards to graphic solutions ever. Containing military class II components and MSI claims it will deliver the best performance and stability. Also containing MSI Afterburner functionality and Triple Over-voltage Support, which allows for intrinsic level of tweaking and completely beefed-up power delivery?

The N560GTX-Ti Hawk has 950mhZ on its GPU, 1900khZ on its shader and an effective 4,200mhZ for its memory of 1,024MB GDDR5. MSI is extremely confidant that with the cooling systems abilities, the card will be able to have clock speed in excess of 1GHz, without any problems. It contains the revolutionary new Twin Frozr III cooling system.

It features the unique technology of Propeller blade, which is exclusive to MSI, which delivers airflow of up to twenty present more as oppose to conventional fans as well as reducing GPU temperatures with 17 degrees. Also featuring the PWM design is an 8+1, which effectively doubles power for the GPU. The graphics card, combined with the Triple Over-voltage technology greatly improves the potential over-clocking of the card. Over-clockers can use the Afterburner over-clocking utility, easily monitor the condition of their cards, and thus simplify over-clocking processes. It will allow the most demanding users to monitor Memory, GPU and PLL voltages at voltage measurement points with added multi-meters. Over-clockers should really invest in this latest innovation of MSI.

The Military Class II components include Tantalum capacitors with over eight times the lifetime as opposed to solid capacitors. Thirty present more powers are gained from the SFC choke and ten-year life service is guaranteed from the solid-cap capacitors. The choice to use these components is only to further the stability of the card and to ensure the highest quality as extreme over-clocking potential. MSI has their unique P/S switches, which allows consumers to change speed of dual fans in regards to their own usage environment and preference. Different performance modes will let the GPU temperature stay low even during high loads, which will enhance performance. The silent mode of the graphics card balances the fan noise using thermal management when used for multimedia or during games. The APS helps saving power by automatically controlling usage of PWM with the enhanced design.

Currently it will be the fastest as well as best GTX560 Ti graphics card available in the industry and sells at $272.00. Competitors will have to really dig deep to go better on this new innovation although the only complaint against it is the fact that it is only 1GB and consumers wish they could see it at 2GB. The installation of the card is made simple with a driver download of Nvidia graphics drivers where you will find products and drivers for MSI products and then follow online instructions to install.

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