Wednesday, November 28, 2012

7 Windows 8 Applications To Get You Started

The following is a guest post from Jason Clark. Jason writes about web tools and internet marketing for RankWatch.Com a rank monitoring software that allows you track your business' ranking on Google Places, Yahoo Places & Bing Places.

Windows 8 is the latest operating system from Microsoft and is already showing up on computers all around the world. One thing many of you will notice is that getting up to speed with Windows 8 will be a little more difficult than it was with early versions of Windows. The reason for this is that Windows 8 is completely different from any other Microsoft OS. Windows 8 is more entertaining and puts applications squarely at the center of the system. With all of the changes many people will need a guide to the top Windows 8 applications to get you started. We will show you some of the best applications you can load up on your new Windows 8 device.

1. Netflix
The Netflix application for Windows 8 is a free download and is easy to operate. Those that subscribe to Netflix will find this application a must. This application uses and tile-based interface that is both intuitive and beautiful. If your device has a touch screen, you will find the application even more functional. Another advantage is that you can stream movies directly through the application, which seems to offer a better picture that is smoother as compared to streaming them through a browser.

2. IM+
All types of social media are very popular and instant messaging is no exception to the rule. For this reason you should have a good IM application. While the Windows 8 messaging application is functional it currently only supports Windows Messenger and Facebook Chat, this could change in the future. If you do not want to wait, and you want to chat with all of your friends on any network then you should download IM+ from Shape. It is free, is supports many different chat networks, and it allows you to enable push notifications that help you stay in touch with your friends no matter what application you are using.

3. MusiXmatch Lyrics
This application is already available for other OSs such as iOS and android. This application has the ability to find the lyrics for nearly every song that has ever been written. The application has a database featuring nearly 6 million songs and has the latest hits out of the United States and the United Kingdom.

4. Norton-Satellite
While this application cannot replace the security of a full anti-virus program, it can be a useful security application. Some of the advantages of this application are that it is simple to use, and it scans all files from social media sites and many other sites as well.

5. SmartGlass
SmartGlass is a Microsoft application that works in conjunction with the XBOX 360 so it will probably be one of the most popular Windows 8 applications. The main purpose of the application is to offer those that play games on the XBOX a complimentary screen for the console. This application will convert the screen of any device into a companion screen for the XBOX. For those that use a tablet this application can turn your tablet into an XBOX remote which allows you to launch applications, videos, games, or other XBOX functions directly from your tablet.

6. TuneIn Radio
Along with a good IM application, we all need a good radio application as well. TuneIn Radio is the best one available for the Windows 8 platform. TuneIn Radio has access to more than 70,000 radio stations from all around the globe. TuneIn gives users the ability to browse radio stations based on their music preferences. For example you can browse sports, news, music, or comedy stations to name a few of the search options you will have available to you. You can also pin your favorites to the start screen for access that is quick and easy.

7. Multimedia 8
Multimedia 8 is the Windows 8 version of the Windows Media Player, but it has some added functionality included. The application will allow you to search music files that are located on a station, videos, playlists, and will access files that are located on the internet. This application also offers many other features.
While the Microsoft app store is still under construction, there are many applications available for Windows 8. These are the top Windows 8 applications to get you started no matter what type of device you are using, there are sure to be many more applications for this OS in the future

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