Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bloggers Looking For A Cheap Advertising Tool? Try Laptop Stickers

Often fledgling bloggers and webmasters are looking for cheap effective way to market their new site. We often go to extremes looking for a way to get the word out about new projects. I've seen bloggers spend hundred of dollars on advertising with things like new hats, t-shirts, business cards, flyers and more of the traditional avenues.

However one approach that I've seen that more often than not gets overlooked are stickers. More specifically laptop stickers.

What better way to gain some exposure. I mean if you are like me you carry your laptop or hand held device with you everywhere you go right? So why not cover it with some branding for your site.

Laptop stickers from a company like PSPrint can be a great marketing tool for bloggers, businesses or just about anyone wanting to promote a site, brand or company. Sticker printing from PSPrint is a relatively inexpensive with prices starting as low as $40 for 250 2" x 2" stickers. Making it a cheap way to get your name out there to hundreds of potential visitors.

Stickers are available in any size from 2" x 2" all the way up to 12.5" x 17". You can upload your sites logo or let them create a design for you. You've also got the option to go with traditional square stickers or go with something more custom and have them custom die-cut into various shapes.

At less than 20¢ a pop you really can't go wrong, and I know some hot looking Geek-News.Net stickers would be well worth the cost. Hey if Allen Stern and the guys over at CenterNetworks can do it, and the guys at Google can then why can't we?

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