Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sony Offers New High Priced, High Res. Notebook

Sony Style has always come at a bit of a premium so it should be no shocker that when the company announced a new netbook it would be priced considerably higher than the competition.

Today, Sony has announced a new VAIO W computer with specs similar to almost every other netbook on the market with the exception of a higher resolution 10.1-inch LED backlit screen. The new screen beats out most of the 1074 x 768 offerings to post a resolution of 1366 x 768. But with that high resolution screen you get a high price tag with a starting price of $500!

According to the product page over at Sony Japan the new VAIO W will feature a 160GB HDD, 1GB of RAM, Windows XP, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, VGA out, a webcam, and a memory card reader. All this will be packed into a case that is 267.8mm × 179.6mm and 27.5mm tall (32.4mm at it's thickest). This means you get an 87% full-size keyboard which might be a tad small for most.

Powering the standard VAIO W will be a stock 3-cell battery promising three hours of run time while an optional 6-cell battery should double that.

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